personal and professional self development

Duration: 3 hours
Location: Vienna, Alsergrund or at own venue in Vienna.
Price: € 110,- netto per person/session

Maximum 6 people

  • This is a very intensive meditation and potentially life-changing workshop for a small group in which we focus on a different aspect of our lives.
    With notes, tangible techniques and recommended homework.
  • Deep energy work with suggested six beautiful topics aimed at exploring, understanding and releasing blocks, conflicts, shadows, invisible lids in our internal and external relationships at the subconscious and epigenetic and collective level.
    The aim is to release and rewrite the old patterns completely.
  • Themes:
  • Financies-relationship with money,
  • Sexuality and Intimacy,
  • Health-Energy-Vitality,
  • Genetics-Epigenetics-Authentic power,
  • Relationships-With ourselves and others
  • Life-Path, Your soul’s calling

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