For 25 years, I have been accompanying and supporting others in their healing, in accepting their own strength and abilities and in activating their own calling. I deeply love my work which is also MY calling. As a mentor, it is essential that I work on myself all the time. That’s the foundation.
All of this, in my own life, has received support and individual entry thru the studies and practices of Cranio Sacral and Somato Emotinal courses at the Upledger Insitute, studying with Caroline Myss, during the Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings, and thru the intensive Lightgrids energy work with Damien Wynne.

During treatment, we work from the heart and deal with the blocks that hinder your connection with your authentic being.
These blocks can be the results of collective free radicals, social-, and schooling-systems, family conditioning or traumas and often make us overwhelmed with anxiety. By releasing them, we have the opportunity to regain our inner strength and connect with our spiritual goals.

The question that surfaces during of transformation and healing: what is our calling on earth
is really, to me, the most essential question and issue of being.
I try to support the response in the read-field,
both by supporting the client’s personal capabilities and
by addressing the obstacles that stand in their way.
It is a beautiful, intuitive soul and energy work:
deep, single-pointed, intense and transformative.

Duration: 90 minutes
Location: Vienna, Alsergrund or on Skype.
Price: € 180,- netto

Duration: SIX Part – ONE SESSION A WEEK, 
120 Minutes each – with INTENSIVE personalized consultation and energy work for those who want to ACTIVELY participate in a breakthrough in their personal development. Written material and strongly suggested homework for each session to support break-thru in mindsets, and thru invisible lids.
Location: Vienna, Alsergrund or on Skype.
Price: € 210,- netto or special offer of € 990,- for advanced payment for all six.
For those who want to activate their confidence, creativity, decision-making and want to make CHANGES in their matrix of life.
Focusing and working together on the different challenges of an individual’s life situation, which can be stuck, blocked or frozen.
Working together involves recommended homework, exploring blocks, releasing old patterns, and introducing new ones.
The goal itself is the process of development and the increased and growing presence in our lives.
Activation of individual abilities, opportunities and decision-making power.
Everyone has an infinite amount of creativity.
We perceive this and this is reflected in our ideas, dreams and ideas.
By working together during the series, we are working together to unlock the creative ability to manifest creativity in projects that are being realized, and in finding a career path.
I want to help you discover your goals, dreams, and aspirations, to create the highest standard of your health with a personalized package of Spiritual Healing, Lifestyle Change and Lifetime Goal Setting.
– The 120-minute teamwork will consist of 60 minutes of consultation and 60 minutes of energy work.

Participation in individual therapy or group meditation is at your own risk and is not a substitute for medical or psycho-therapeutic treatment.

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