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This is a very intensive 6-weeks (6 + 1 online meeting) workshop where you can work with a safe, containing, supportive female circle with individual, family and collective patterns, fears, harmonizing sacred feminine and masculine energies, and individual, inner strength. by awakening and strengthening yourself. It was wonderful to experience that supporting each other and building trust can also work on a digital medium, which is now of particular importance. I am infinitely grateful to Zsuzsi as well as all the women involved that they are and continue to be there for each other. Thanks!”

For many years, Zsuzsa has accompanied my work and personal development with her containing and supportive attention and sophisticated sensitivity. This incredibly safe feminine environment has taken teamwork to a whole new level for me, where individual development takes wings while all the knowledge within us is quickly and deeply integrated. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is ready to overwrite old patterns, discover and reveal the dormant feminine qualities, and thus their inexhaustible energy.

It was worth every penny paid: A lot of rewriting, a lot of recognition could have happened in this absolutely supportive medium, which Zsuzsa and the group created together. As a Security-Providing Mother, she guides the group, with absolute Feminine energy, softly, accepting and letting what we are hiding unfold, “pop out”: Our true values. Thank you.🙂 An incredible spiral of power is created that pulls up and lands at the same time. But beware! Really just for brave people who are no longer afraid to explore their true values ​​and dare to jump into the new!

I got what I longed for, I just couldn’t give it to myself until now. A feminine community that accompanies, contains, encourages, accepts, lets me be, just the way I can. I have been given a leader who will help us along the way with a pure heart, honesty, sparing no time and energy. At the same time, this program was (and still is) wonderful, uplifting, inspiring, and at the same time hard working both spiritually and emotionally. But that made it true and real. There was always help, support and light at the end of the tunnel, even in difficulties and struggles. I have been given new impetus to fulfill my long-delayed desires and faith, hope, and certainty that what I want is possible. It has helped me a lot to believe that I can live freely, easily, with joy, and that I have the key to this that I always have access to.

“I wholeheartedly recommend it to those who are committed to doing energy work on a daily basis in order to be strong and focused. The medium is outstandingly supportive, inspiring and uplifting. Thanks!”


It wasn’t a rational decision for me to start this program, in fact. I rationally deduced nicely to myself why I don’t need it. But something dragged me here and thank heavens that I didn’t give in to the resistance in the end.

I’m glad I cut in. I got to know and discovered sides of myself, which were completely hidden, so far, unknown to me. I got a sense of confidence and security that I had never dreamed of before.
Zsuzsa accompanied and accompanies us with the most devoted maternal care, for which I will be forever grateful! I made new friendships that I didn’t even expected anymore.

I love the year 2020 and I love who I became and will become this year! Thank you very much Zsuzsa, thank you very much Girls!