As usual, Change in my life was preceded by Chaos in the form of illness. It is also an archetypal story that in such a challenge one activates his-her own inner, sleeping energies and completely rewrites his-her previous life. Like many, I felt that it was all very unfair and worked on my healing with anger and stubbornness for a year. 
I studied macrobiotics from Cecile Tovah Levin at the East-West Center in Los Angeles. It took me two years to heal, and it was an integral part for me to take responsibility for my physical, mental and emotional state, without any anger and victim consciousness, towards myself and others. Cecile was a strong Japanese-style teacher, and it was only years after I became a teacher myself that I realized what her intent was behind her apparent hardness: support the person to discovering his-her own healing power.

••• I started energy work at the Upledger Institute in Florida about 25 years ago, doing Cranio Sacral Therapy and many of its modules. Advanced Cranio, Somato Emotional Release, Pediatrics…
For many years, I worked in a beautiful and inspiring healing community with physicians, TCM, Aromatherapy Healers in Los Angeles. The beauty of working with energy gave me such a sense of joy that I quit my fine art and illustrator work which I also really loved.

••• It was at this time that I became acquainted with the work of Caroline Myss.
Deep respect and gratitude to Caroline Myss, who first validated for me the existence and outstanding importance of energy, soul, and intuitive work in a grounded and fully justified way. 
It was a deep homecoming experience to meet her. Hearing from such a powerful and focused medical intuitive that: we are in the process of TOTAL transcription of GLOBAL frequencies and the whole of our EXISTENCE helped to release old structures, fears, and uncertainties. It helped me accept and embrace my calling.

••• In 2008 I met Damien Wynne in Budapest.
Our friendship was a tremendous spiritual gift, for he was the first person to not only see, verify, but also expand my multicensory experiences. I’ve been trying to hide these experiences in art for a long time, as I think so many other artists do. The sensations, after acceptance, intensified, and Damien encouraged and inspired me, as well as everyone else, to become a flowing live route of energy. Over the years, I have learned a lot from him in the ever-renewing training of LightGrid Technics.

••• I met Réka Gáborjáni at the Kundalini Teacher Training.
With her, the new and sometimes beautiful and beautifully painful part of connecting were activated when Sacred Feminine Energies, Teachings and gifts were downloaded through us. I consider the opportunity to be a blessing and I am very grateful for the friendship.

I work every day to stay in touch with my connection. For those difficult times, when life throws me out of balance, I found nature and a retreat very useful. We should all give ourselves this opportunity. One of the sacred laws of Nature is Balance, and if you allow it, it will help you to return to your own inner balance. I am convinced that we are all capable of the magical process of transformation, of connecting with our power, and make our souls calling a reality.